2022 Cheapest Digital TV Broadcast Set Top Box Recommendations

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Viral35.com – The cheapest Set Top Box is now being hunted by the people of Indonesia. Stop showing on Analog TV, people flocked to find a solution. Lots of people are starting to explore STB or refer to the term Set-Top-Box.

Analog TV, of course, has been attached to society for decades. But suddenly analog television needs to be stopped. Loyal television users are now asked to immediately switch to Digital TV in 2022.

For the first time through TV broadcasts, broadcasts from Analog TV shows are decided. People are now no longer able to watch anything with this model of television. The display will be blank and not show any channels.

Many were annoyed with this decision, but not a few also outsmarted the problem. Some people started looking for STB to be able to keep watching. In this article we will attach some information regarding the Cheapest Set Top Box.

Indonesian Analog TV Is Now Officially Stopped In 2022?

A cutting-edge technology that has been around for a long time is certainly no stranger to you. For example radio, television, or telephone. Some of these things have basically been around for a long time, the inventors of technology provide easy access to their users.

But of course the technology, which was still the first output at that time, had many limitations. One of them is TV technology that used to use cable. The use of this type of television is known as Analog TV.

However, the shows that are broadcast on analog TV are free. You only need to have an antenna capable of transmitting signals from the radio on the TV at home. So that various shows from TV channels will be easily watched.

However, it is known that on Wednesday 2/11/2022 yesterday, there was official news that analog TV would be cut off. This action was taken so that in 2022 people will also start to switch to digital TV.

Some people felt disappointed, because at exactly 23:59 yesterday the broadcast from analog TV was cut off. So they can no longer enjoy broadcasts from any television channel. It was not done suddenly, but the news had been delivered far in advance.

Get To Know A Significant Comparison Of Analog TV With Digital TV

Get To Know A Significant Comparison Of Analog TV With Digital TV

Some earlier technologies still require a cable connected to the antenna. Cable television or also known as Analog TV is of course the old output. Even so, this TV is still widely used by the public.

But due to the information from Analog Switch Off, the broadcast was stopped. The public is asked to immediately switch to Digital TV. Therefore, it is important for you to know the difference between these two things.

Features Of Analog TVThings Presented By Digital TV
Involves a connection cable that will be connected to the UHF antenna. Generally, this antenna is widely traded in electronic equipment stores. But it has many errors in its use.Unlike analog, digital TV is simply easier to get the signal that is emitted. So that broadcasts that are displayed are not prone to errors.
The location of the antenna to the TV station affects the quality of the broadcast resolution.The distance between the television station and the TV will not affect the display quality of the television.
This form of television is dominantly known as a large tube TV.Requires another device that also supports smart TV of this digital type.
Still old school and quite out of date.It’s more modern because the broadcast schedule appears.
Depending on the strength of the antenna, the TV may not display clear audio quality or display.Audio and display quality will be very good.

Stop Installing Switched Cable TV On Set Top Box, Get To Know First!

Stop Installing Switched Cable TV On Set Top Boxes, Know First

Previously, you might have thought whether from old school television, now you can’t access anything. If you still attach the antenna, of course, this will not fertilize anything. You will see a blank screen on the television.

But if you still want to use the television, there is a solution that can solve this. The trick is to use an additional device. It is named as Set Top Box.

Maybe now the object is still foreign to your ears. Nevertheless, this tool helps your cable television to function again. In simple terms, this object helps analog TV to get signals from special broadcasts on Digital TV.

Set Top Box which is also known as STB is useful for decoding a signal into audio and visual. So that cable television which had lost its function is now able to operate again.

Not without reporting suddenly stopping, Analog TV had previously been reported on long ago. Gradually experiencing channel reduction. Then now there are many groups who distribute STB for free to some people who are not well off.

Cheapest Set Top Box Recommendations for Digital TV Broadcasts in 2022

Cheapest Set Top Box Recommendations for Digital TV Broadcasts in 2022

The transition of cable TV users to digital has certainly experienced many changes. One of the changes that has occurred is the increasing number of people who have started hunting for STB. Some digital platforms, of course, have been marketing this thing for a long time.

But keep in mind, the more booming an object, the more the market price will increase. Here we will provide some of the cheapest STB recommendations.

1. Shopee

This orange platform sells various lifestyle needs. This marketplace also presents sales for the digital sector. You can see a lot of STB sales in Shopee.

However, after our research, several online shops sell them at relatively expensive prices. Here is one olshop that sells it at standard and cheap prices.

Nama PlatformShopee
Store Namejokomapan
Origin of ShipmentCity of Surabaya
Equipment For SaleRCA, Dongle WiFi, HDMI, dan Matrix burger
Price EstimationRp. 175,000-Rp. 265,000
LinkClick here

2. Tokopedia

Of course, this store with the green logo has been around for a long time. Lots of developments have been made by this one marketplace. You will find various sales related to the necessities of life.

One of the items being sold is related to digital objects. You will find hundreds or even thousands in it. The cheapest Set Top Boxes are of course also provided by various olshops in Tokopedia. You can try to buy it at this olshop, because they sell it so completely and it’s relatively cheap.

Nama PlatformTokopedia
Origin of ShipmentBandung
Equipment For SaleDVB T2, HDMI, RCA, dan WiFi
Price EstimationIDR 185,000- IDR 225,000
LinkClick here

First understand the procedures for using a set top box

First understand the procedures for using a set top box

If you have read about the information related to the Cheapest Set Top Box, understand the following. At this time, the analog TV will still function when it is connected to the STB.

Set Top Box will give you a lot of convenience in its use. But before buying it, pay attention first step by step to operate the STB object.

  1. Prepare your Set Top Box in advance, don’t forget to make sure it matches your analog TV.
  2. Read the instructions that can guide you in using the DVB-T2 STB.
  3. Turn off your analog television first.
  4. Disconnect the antenna cable connected to your television.
  5. Connect the antenna connector to ANT IN, then connect the cable from the Set Top Box to the television.
  6. Insert the STB cable into the socket, then turn on both.
  7. Open the settings section of the TV, select the AV type display.
  8. Then later you select search channels, later you can save a list of existing channels.

Advantages In Using Set Top Box Digital TV Broadcasts

Advantages In Using Set Top Box Digital TV Broadcasts

Some things you may not understand, what is the main value of STB. As a buyer, of course you have to be smart in considering an object to buy. Make sure you find out what advantages the Set Top Box provides, check out this explanation.

1. Prices are very affordable for sale

When choosing an STB, maybe you will think, this is too much and adds costs. However, after doing research, the cost for STB is much more affordable. If you buy Digital TV the price soars up to millions. While STB requires only hundreds of thousands.

2. Without a satellite dish like Cable TV

Satellite dishes installed on house tiles often experience network problems. Now you don’t need that, because the STB is another device. In the sense that you can receive Digital TV signals only with STB without using a satellite dish anymore.

The final word

The suspension of broadcasting via Analog TV has now caused a lot of anxiety for its loyal viewers. However, people no longer need to be confused, because there is also the Cheapest Set Top Box to overcome this. You can watch the channel whenever you want.

We have shared with readers about the cheapest Set Top Box along with other additional information. Make sure you keep visiting and listening to the other articles we provide. Hopefully the information regarding the cheapest STB above is useful.

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