5 Ways To Know Your Relationship Is Coming To An End

Managing a relationship is a two way effort, both of you need to make a conscious effort to make it work. Starting a relationship is easy, maintaining it is a whole other ball game. Try to find out which of these 5 reasons are threatening the survival of your relationship and create a battle plan on how you want to handle the situation.
1. Jealousy
Too often one person in a relationship might start going a little green. Jealousy can be related to someone else or even your own partner. While this normally occurs because that person might be feeling distant, insecure and threatened, it can have disastrous effects on a relationship. The best way to deal with is to increase security in terms of your relationship and within one’s own self.

2. Not enough time
If one of you is always out doing your own thing, then it becomes hard to feel close and connect. And that leads to one or both of you feeling unloved. While many times you may feel like you just don’t have enough time to give your partner but you should always try to take out time for your partner or at least give them the attention they deserve once you are with them.

3. Selfishness
Being in a relationship means thinking about and taking care of someone other than yourself. Additionally it means acting selflessly without expecting return. Selfishness drives couples apart like nothing else. Both partners need to be compromising and understanding in order to make the relationship flourish.

4. Picking faults
Lastly, too often we tend to pick faults in our partner. It might be well gestured, but expecting someone to change everything about themselves makes them feel like they are unloved and even unwanted. Both partners need to be a little tolerant and forgiving when it comes to each other’s mistakes, and they should let go instead of harboring their feelings. If you’re both constantly playing the blame game, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to break away from the vicious cycles that is tearing your relationship apart.
5. Too much time
If you’re spending every waking moment with each other, then get ready for some serious problems. It’s natural that when we all need time for ourselves. While you or your partner might love spending time with each other, if both of you are scheduling time away from each other, your relationship might be suffering.

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