A Michigan Police Dog Stole An Officer’s Lunch & Now He Has A Mugshot (PHOTOS)

A Michigan police dog is finding himself in a “ruff” situation after he was caught stealing his officer’s lunch and eating it whole.

The Wyandotte Police Department in Wyandotte, MI, shared the incident on their official Facebook page on January 12 accompanied by the pup Ice’s very own mug shot.

The WPD’s report said an officer had to leave his half-eaten lunch to assist in the jail, and, boy, was that a big mistake he made.

“A short while later, Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom only to find Officer Ice leisurely strolling out of the room licking his chops,” the now-viral post says. “Barwig’s entire lunch was gone.”

The good-boy-turned-bad is apparently claiming his innocence in the ordeal and is being uncooperative with investigators.

With 17K likes and over 6,000 comments, Ice is receiving all sorts of support from social media users who believe he is not guilty of the “crime.”

“Innocent until further investigation and need proof he did it,” one user wrote in the comment section of the previously mentioned mug shot.

Others are even offering to represent him at trial for free or “pro-BONE-o.”

“This is all circumstantial evidence, and I’d be happy to represent the officer pro bono,” another person shared.

Ice has received so much public support that the department decided to wave charges, an update from Wyandotte law enforcement revealed.

The K-9 even received his own sandwich from a fan, along with plenty more for the entire cop squad in case he got into them again.

This furry police member’s on-the-job transgressions pale in comparison to some others with scandalous offenses, and we think that earns Ice the title of the “goodest bad boy.”

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