Ana Paula Onzi combines two passions in a project for CASACOR: travel and architecture

Light tones, breadth, beauty and personality. Ana Paula Onzi’s bets for the CASACOR Brasília show show the professional’s passion for travel, in addition, of course, to her talent and expertise in the area of ​​architecture and decoration. In her debut at the show, the most anticipated on the Brazilian calendar, the architect seeks, through assertive and special choices, “to present an environment that conveys welcoming”, an idea that was the starting point for the design of the proposal.

“The project emerged from a piece that plays a leading role in the environment, a bench that embraces the room, having several functions throughout the space, after all it serves as a bench, side table, support for suitcase and decoration”, highlights the professional, which also bets on smart choices for the integration of spaces in a subtle way: “we use a ribbon curtain to separate the bedroom from the bathroom, seeking to maintain fluidity, lightness and movement between environments”.

The space is still deeply linked to the theme chosen to guide the projects of the franchise in 2022, Infinito Particular, and had as its “greatest inspiration the rescue of the experiences I had in my travels, in the hotels where I stayed, in the places I knew and experienced. in all of them, which is one of my greatest passions. The project ends up being a combination of all these experiences, confides Ana Paula.

Attuned and with an eye on market trends and novelties, she also explains some of her choices for the 45 m² project and infinite inspirations: “we work with a neutral base, playing with the textures of the finishes. These textures are evident on the carpet, walls and ceiling with Nuage effect, in addition to the slatted countertop that receives the sink. Green enters the environment to complement this neutral base and, together with the tone that is present in the bathroom coating, armchair, chairs and vegetation, is the touch of color highlighted in the space, which is something we believe is essential” .

Complementing the proposal, a scenic and planned lighting, “thought out to the smallest detail by Designer Waldir Junior”, which comes to provide an extremely cozy environment, with indirect lighting and focusing on the bench, giving the idea that the bench is floating, in addition to corroborating the lightness that permeates the proposal.

Other highlights of the environment, lists the author, are the texture of the stone in the bathroom and the flower box developed in partnership with Claramar; in addition to Carminatti’s THEO rug; the Verti String curtain, the VISUAL curtains used to divide the rooms; Trama chair, launched by Lider Interiores; Sabbia’s SAMPA bathtub, in black granite finish; and the Cablight and Pendente Suspenso luminaires, signed by designer Waldir Junior. Among the materials used, we have the NUAGE Effect, a silent color in the morning / coral; Vinyl Flooring Ilhéus, Europiso; Mdp Foret, from Todeschini; Porcelain tile in Lastra 120×270 format – Oh Take Mountain and Terralma mandacaru coating, both by Portobelloshop SIA. The touch of art comes from the large-scale painting, 150x150cm, by M. Cavalcanti; Mirror by Lattoog, from Arquivo Contemporâneo; and Armchair by Carbono Design.


ONZI.ARQ’s mission is to design unique environments that convey good sensations, going far beyond the simple transformation of space; we seek, above all, to improve the relationship of life and people with the place through architecture.


Architect Ana Paula Onzi maintains a portfolio of authorial projects following a contemporary style, always thinking about functionality and plastic, according to trends. “Our concept is to have a special look at the new, with a lot of personality and exclusivity”, reveals the architect.

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