Beautiful dance by the teacher in a black saree, but the student watching from a distance kept quiet. – Viral Video

Social media is flooded with these types of videos that were captured from a program. Such videos of dance performances associated with educational programs are common on social media. These videos can be of children saying goodbye or they can be for another occasion.

One such video of a teacher performing an amazing dance on Teachers’ Day is currently going viral. The teacher is dressed in a black saree and looks stunning. His dance has also recently gained a lot of popularity in addition to this.

Although the teacher dances with a student rather than dancing by themselves, many students later feel so ashamed that they are unable to dance at all. As you can see in the video, the student and the teacher are seen together while the song O Saki Saki… is playing in the background.

He is seen performing a very sensual dance, but the student watching him from a distance appears to be very shy. The teacher, however, doesn’t do this at all; instead, she appears absorbed in her music while dancing incredibly well.

Even though this video has been viewed by many viewers on YouTube thanks to the Mishra Ji Blog account, each person’s response to it is unique. Since so many people have said things like this, it makes sense that teachers and students would dance together.

The teacher dances gracefully while wearing a black sari. Full-length Social Media Video Reaction

However, the song’s style, to which she is dancing in this manner, is inappro*priate. The teaching method of this teacher is unpopular. Even though it cannot be entirely deemed incorrect, it is still his own wish. Please share your thoughts about this video in the comments section.

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