Bokeh Tricks With Canon 18-135 Lens

Bokeh Tricks With Canon 18-135 Lens – How to Set Canon Camera Blur – Exploring various photo styles is fun. However, one of the most popular photography techniques is to blur the background or background of the photo subject. This setting is very effective in making the main object the focal point of the image. Let’s see how to set the next Canon camera blur.

To get the best photo results, my friend must know how to set the Canon camera blur. With the right settings, the blur or bokeh effect of your shots can definitely be improved. Let’s see a full review of the features that you should set to get the best results for blurry photos.

Bokeh Tricks With Canon 18-135 Lens

For those of you who don’t know, aperture is a feature on Canon cameras that plays a role in adjusting the intensity of light. Like the pupil of the human eye, the aperture has the function of filtering the light that falls on the image sensor. For best results for blurry images, use an aperture setting of f/2.8 or f/1.4.

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Another way to set Canon camera blur, don’t forget to set the focal length of your camera lens. Focal length is the distance between your subject and the background. To give a blur effect, try to get the image object very close to the background image. If you get too close, you may get a sharper view of the receiving image.

Ideally, leave a minimum distance of 20 cm between the image object and the background. Vivid object colors and contrast from a dark background color can also make your dull photos look better.

If you are using a Canon DSLR camera, pay attention to the type of camera lens you are using. If you want a photo with a blurry background, it is recommended to use a camera lens with a resolution of 18 – 55 mm. Also, the zoom setting should be ventilated down to 55 mm.

For this type of portrait photography, this type of telephoto lens seems to be the best fit. The telephoto lens used must have a resolution of 55 – 250 mm. Next, just set the zoom factor on the telephoto lens to 85mm or 135mm. Guaranteed, my friend will be amazed by the quality of the WOW lens.

Want to know the types and reviews of Canon lenses? Check the info here, come on!

For those who want to get a bokeh effect at night, the type of setting used will definitely change. Taking night photos with a blurred background effect is very challenging. But, that didn’t happen at all. Come on, learn how to adjust Canon camera blur to make your night photos even cooler.

To create a blurry background image, the entrance is very important. But, at night, be careful when setting the aperture, okay? Don’t let the visuals on your screen turn into sound. Better yet, choose a large opening but not too much.

For example, my friend has a Canon camera with an aperture of f/2.8. So, try setting the aperture factor on your camera to f/5.6. Or, the maximum aperture setting is f/8.

Another setting feature that you should get is white balance. You can’t miss this feature if you want to take pictures of objects with city views or the night sky as the background. Set the white balance factor to 3000 or 7000 so that the results don’t look faded or faded.

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For night photos with a blurry effect, we recommend choosing a shorter focal length. By setting a shorter focal length, you can avoid blurring due to shake or vibration when taking pictures of objects. You may not find the right focal length setting right away. But, don’t give up guys.

One of the challenges of shooting blur in night conditions is the emergence of flare effects. Also, if the subject of your photo is very focused on the light source. So, to reduce this, you can use a wide angle lens. With this lens, various objects can be seen clearly.

Knowing how to set Canon camera blur is very important. However, there are other important things that friends should know. Come on, see the full review below:

Even though it looks simple, it turns out that taking photos with an unclear style can make photos look messy. This often happens due to wrong timing. For example, a blurry model image is best suited to highlight the main object’s features.

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You can use it when photographing still people or objects. However, shooting in blur mode makes the image quality worse and less clear. For example, making a kind of landscape image alias scenery. After all, photos with visible objects are not suitable for making blurred backgrounds.

Landscape model drawings look good when all parts are clearly visible. An alternative is if you want to take pictures of objects such as flowers or other objects against the background of a highway that has a lot of cars going through it. This car light can create a cool bokeh effect.

Why should you save photos as RAW files? The RAW image file format is the best format for friends who want to get the best results for blurry photos. With this file format, you can easily edit your photos however you like. Starting from setting the level of brightness, contrast, white balance and other settings.

To make your blurry photos look cool, don’t forget to choose the right location. For those who want to get a bokeh photo effect, you can choose a place where there are not many people with colorful lights. For example, a car that passes under a tree or on the side of the road during the day.

Jual Lensa Wide Kamera Dslr Canon Ef S 10 18mm 10 18 F4.5 5.6 Is Stm

Or, you can also choose a more crowded place like a park or a trending cafe. Try to make space and have a good light okay! To make your photos look better.

Taking blurry photos using a Canon camera can be tricky. Even for professional photographers, you have to hack many times. Yes, you shouldn’t give up either and keep trying. The more you try out these styles, the more friends will find the setting that works for you.

The right type of Canon camera will help you get the best photos. So friends, don’t hesitate to buy Canon brand camera products right now. Many offers await. There are definitely discounts to make your shopping experience the best. Come and enjoy shopping now.

Gadget and technology addiction. My main gig is writing clear, concise, and attention-grabbing web copy. I like to play with my son indoors or outdoors on the weekends. After deciding to buy a DSLR camera, you are often confused about which lens to use. While there are many types of lenses that are suitable for beginners, it’s best not to rush into buying another lens. Especially if you already have a kit lens that comes with the camera body.

How to Choose a Good Manual Lens

While the 18-55mm isn’t a premium lens, it is quite versatile and can really be used to take some impressive photos. Here’s how to get the most out of your kit lens.

Wide-angle lenses are the best lenses for landscape, architecture, interior and nature photography. If you are really interested in this type of photography, a kit lens is a great choice.

18mm is enough to meet your needs and you can play with a variety of precise angles and compositional techniques. Canon and Nikon cameras usually come with a kit lens that is 18-55mm in size, but this lens does not produce image quality that is comparable to the lens.

So your kit lens can be used to take great photos. It’s an easy and cheap way to try to take good pictures because you don’t have to buy a big lens that you can’t use with normal power.

Getting to Know Closer What is a DSLR Camera?

You can create large images without using additional tools. Set the position as close as possible to the subject of the photo (pay attention to the minimum distance from the lens), use a long focus and use a large aperture for the shutter. Check the shooting angle for maximum effect. It’s not as good as using attachments, but it’s the best way to enhance your photos with a kit lens.

Many DSLR cameras come with image stabilization features to provide better stabilization and reduce the effects of shake. However, you will get more satisfying results from the kit lens with the help of a tripod. Especially if you take photos during the day or try to capture landscape photos.

For night photos, it’s best to set the shutter speed as slow as possible by opening the shutter very wide to get the most light. The kit lens isn’t designed for low-light photos, so a tripod is a smart move.

Great job with this kit lens. Use a combination of settings between focal length and wide aperture to produce a bokeh effect in portraits using a kit lens.

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The trick is to set the subject position a bit far from the background of the image and use a very wide aperture (f/5.6 kit lens opening) and a very long focal length lens (55mm). Backgrounds can be generated with these settings

Satisfying. You also need to pay attention to the distance between the lens and the subject (about 0.25 meters with an 18-55mm lens) to maintain accurate focus.

Taking photos in RAW mode is undoubtedly the method that is always recommended for beginners. Of course RAW takes up a lot of memory, but with this format you get deeper and richer image colors. That’s how you can create high-quality images with a kit lens. Complex color effects give you more options when editing later.

So, don’t underestimate the potential of a kit lens. As long as you know how to get the most out of it, you shouldn’t have to invest extra money in expensive lenses. Canon

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