Chandigarh University Girls’ Hostel Video leaked on Twitter and Reddit

@aajtak One girl filmed 50–60 female students at Chandigarh University bathing, sent it to their boyfriend, and posted it online. Three–four other girls then attempted suicide after learning their video had gone viral. @PunjabPoliceInd. follow for more updates: newsyorbits

The brand-new MX Player program Uni Ki Yaari transports us back to our college years with its unrestricted fun and unbounded dreams. Three friends manage their lives while on the show as they experience both the highs and lows of college life. They ultimately choose the appropriate path to adulthood. The lighthearted nature of the story allows viewers to get a glimpse into adulthood.

Sakshi, Jeet, and Merry is a five-episode television series produced by MX Studios and Chandigarh University. This series examines the lives of these college students in the final few weeks before they graduate and enter the working world. Partha Sarathi Manna is in charge of directing this show.

Annually since 2017, the Smart India Hackathon, or SIH, has been held. This widespread initiative is run by the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Education and gives students a platform to voice issues with departments, agencies, businesses, and other organizations.

Chandigarh University
Chandigarh Girls’ Hostel Video leaked on Twitter and Reddit, few girls taking bath

According to Dr. Bawa, 62 organizations submitted 476 problem statements to the SIH for this year’s competition. The national final of the SIH is expected to draw more than 15,000 students from the winners of the college hackathons in 2022.

At designated nodal centers, these students will work on six problem statements, one of which was to create an integrated and reliable online platform that would allow researchers to access pertinent information about local and global research grants.

Another call was made for an annual academic calendar for all Indian universities that is robust and integrated. During the grand finale of SIH 2022, participants were also asked to create an appealing and user-friendly website for AICTE.

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