Elon Musk unveils awesome new Twitter merchandise after finding a closet full of T-shirts – twitchy.com

We’re told that critical employees left Twitter “in droves” last week, and yet we’ve yet to see the death of Twitter, as foretold by the top-trending hashtag #RIPTwitter. Really, people thought it was just going to shut down. Musk tweeted photos of some of the workers who stayed on, despite humiliations like being asked to come into the office, pay for their lunch in the cafeteria, and maybe forego the yoga studio, meditation room, and red wine on tap in favor of working.

As Twitchy reported earlier, Musk tweeted that he’d discovered a closet full of #StayWoke T-shirts.

A day later, Musk has unveiled awesome new Twitter merchandise: the #[email protected] T-shirt.

We’re old enough to remember when Twitter headquarters used to tag its hallways with woke hashtags like #Ferguson.


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