Former Red John Sivabaek describes Danish fear at possibility of losing Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen’s return to Denmark’s squad for this year’s World Cup has been hailed as a “miracle” by his compatriot and former Red Devil Johan Siverbeke.

The former Denmark international, who played for Manchester United in the 1986-87 season, said in an interview Post Online Campaign About Eriksson’s “Fairy Tale Returns”.

Just 17 months after suffering a cardiac arrest, the Manchester United midfielder remains one of the Dane’s most important players

Alex Ferguson, who dropped John Silverbeck despite scoring the Scot’s first goal of his 26-year tenure at Old Trafford, told of how he and the proud Scandinavian How the nation has been shaken by Eriksson’s misfortune.

“Everybody here remembers where they were when it happened,” said the 87-cap guard.

Speaking about Eriksen’s collapse on the pitch in Denmark’s Euro 2020 opener against Finland, the 61-year-old Severback described his performance on that great day.

“I was at the summer house with my family. We didn’t know what was wrong – was it a heart attack? Was it something else?’, Sivebaek continued.

As he explained, Dane’s emotions were clearly very raw during and after the incident, with grown men crying and expecting the worst as Eriksson underwent CPR.

“I’m mentally ready to tell my kids that Christian is dead. How can I tell them what happened to their hero? How can I tell them the worst outcome they’ve ever seen?” commented a Danish fan road.

But of course, tragedy was averted and the player went on to achieve what many thought was impossible.

Eriksen completed a successful journey with Brentford in the Premier League before moving to Manchester United in the summer, although he spent eight months recovering from the game.

Remarkably, he made a stunning comeback to his country just one month later, scoring with his first touch against the Netherlands.

But as the deeply patriotic Sivebaek explained, Danish fans were convinced they would never see Eriksen represent his country again.

“I doubt he will play again. It must have been a tough decision. But I look at him now and he looks more relaxed. He looks in good shape and in a good position,” enthuses Sivabaek.

“There was a fairy-tale feeling to it, and it still is,” admits the player, who won the European title with Denmark in 1992.

And with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar looming, all eyes will be on their talisman, hoping that he and their team of heroes can emulate the 1992 team.

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