How Did Brian Binnie Die? Cause of Death? Dies at 69

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We regret to inform you about Brian Binnie’s passing. Binnie’s family shared a statement on Facebook to confirm the depressing bit of information. They added that they needed privacy at this time so that Brian’s family may grieve the loss of their husband, father, brother, and friend. They wrote that they had to announce the death of their beloved Brian with immense grief, disappointment, and sorrow. Since then, the internet has been filled with tributes and condolence messages. Netizens are not only expressing their disappointment but also looking for the cause of his passing. Here is what we discover about it. Follow more updates on

According to research, plans are being made for Binnie to be buried at Virginia’s Arlington National Cemetery. Let us also mention that in 2004, Binnie became the second person in history to fly a private spaceship into space. According to his family members on Facebook, the cherished pilot passed away on September 15, 2022, as is now expected.

As a check pilot for Burt Rutan’s aerospace design company, Scaled Composites, which is now owned by Northrop Grumman, Binnie left on October 4, 2004, in the SpaceShipOne rocket plane. He attained a maximum altitude of 69.6 miles (112 km) during his 24-minute flight, breaking the record for a winged craft set by the X-15 rocket airplane in 1963. He also crossed the internationally recognized von Kármán line, which separates Earth’s atmosphere from space.

Brian Binnie Cause of Death

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For the 442nd time, Binnie entered the vicinity. It was regarded as the top tier. As I continued to keep the motor running up to 215,000 ft before leaving the atmosphere, the spacecraft had no roll, pitch, or yaw charges. It was incredibly steady and kept rising over the X-15 altitude, according to Binnie. He continued by saying it was a lovely experience. William Brian Binnie was born on April 26, 1953, in West Lafayette, Indiana. However, he and his family lived in Scotland from the time he was 5 years old until he was a young man.

After moving back to the United States, he attended Brown College in Rhode Island and earned bachelor’s degrees in aeronautical engineering, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics. Binnie also holds a master’s degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering from Princeton College in New Jersey. After learning to fly in a glider as a member of the university’s Hovering Society, Binnie studied experimental designs there as a student in Princeton’s flying research center. On account of that, he enlisted in the United States Navy in 1978. Watch HindiAble for more of these developments.

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