How to Apply for a Punjab Driving License Online

If you’re unenthusiastic in the troubles associated to obtaining a driver’s licence in Pakistan, it’s time to take a action once more and also relax. The Punjab authorities has actually lately introduced a brand-new system by the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB). The PITB has actually created a electronic strategy for tracking and also providing motorist’s permits referred to as the Driving License Issuance and also Management System (DLIMS). Currently, this solution is simply provided to Punjab locals.


A detailed method to utilizing for a motorist’s permit internet is used under:

  • Go to the DLIMS internet site and also visit to continue.
  • To obtain your needed kind, go to the downloads component.
  • To uncover the closest Licensing Center, go to the Licensing Center tab
  • Please accept the whole desired paperwork in your entry.
  • After 42 days of examining, meet the licencing firm.
  • Obtain a passing quality on the key academic exam.
  • Finally, take the driving exam and also go it.

There are a variety of exemptions on this state of events. If you desire to restore or get a reproduction permit, it’s necessary to send the associated paperwork. It is essential to go each the driving and also suggestion tests. When utilizing for a brand-new around the world permit, that is in addition real.


There is a distinct kind of license, so each demand needs a additionally need. The documentation that have to be desired are as adheres to:


  • A recreation of the CNIC
  • An Rs 60 ticket might be purchased any type of send office.
  • Rules of the Road and also Regulations A codebook is kept by the website visitors authorities firm.
  • A clinical certifications is needed if the person mores than 50.

Both LTVs and also HDTVs have an age limit. HDTVs have a most age of twenty-two years, whereas LTVs, bikes, and also wheelers have an age limitation of 18 years.


  • A documents cowl with the Application Form (A)
  • An audio Learner’s Permit is needed. The consent have to be proper for at least 6 weeks.
  • Passport- sized photos which were certified are needed for clinical qualification (x3).
  • A replicate of the CNIC that has actually been verified is attached.
  • A free ride is consisted of within the enrollment doc.
  • Make a down payment ofRs 100 on a down payment slip.


  • An software application kind is consisted of within the documents cowl.
  • Photographs the range of a ticket can be located.
  • Photos which are the range of a secret (x2).
  • CNIC duplicate (x2)
  • a motorist’s enable (Original).
  • Medical qualification is needed.
  • The permit doc defines the needed fee.

All permits are restored each 5 years. Various costs apply to a variety of ranges of cars. Motorcycles have a revival fee of Rs 500, whereas various LTVS have a well worth of Rs 750. Renewal costs for HDTVs are Rs 1000.


  • An International Application Process is consisted of within the documents cowl.
  • A replicate of the CNIC is used. (Attested)
  • A replicate of an unblemished driving paper
  • You can also need a reproduction of your Pakistani ticket that has actually been genuine for at least 6 months in addition to the Visa.
  • Photos which were verified and also are the range of a ticket. (x2)
  • A court docket price ticket for 66 rupees was released.

If you’re utilizing for a international permit, you’ll have to bring your distinct CNIC, additionally to your ticket and also ticket, to the permit centre.


  • A required Application Form is consisted of within the documents wrapper.
  • Passport- sized images which were confirmed
  • A replicate of the CNIC (Attested). (x2)
  • In the instance of a computer permit, a record from the computer department; within the instance of a non-computerized permit, an expiration certifications from the associated send office.
  • If you will certainly have lost your motorist’s permit and also desire a replacement, it’s necessary to initially send a authorities record.
  • Tickets which are needed

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