Informasi Viral, Penyebab Satu Keluarga Tewas di Kalideres, Membuat Geger Warga!

Informasi Viral, Penyebab Satu Keluarga Tewas di Kalideres, Membuat Geger Warga!
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However, studies have shown that the time of death varies from victim to victim. Also, no poison was found in the victim’s body.

He stated on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 (November 23, 2022), as quoted from the official sangha website: “The adherents of this faith wish to leave the world before the end of the world or the end of the world.”

An Apocalyptic View of Death

In addition to hunger, apocalypticists use many reasons for death. For example, using ingested food or drink with a poisoned vehicle. Prawitra explained that eschatology occurs in various countries, educated and uneducated.

“He basically did the act that ended his life,” he explained. Pravitra also states that such an understanding can arise from a misunderstanding of spiritual teachings with serious consequences for beliefs related to the process of dying.

According to him, we must be careful if we have an understanding that teaches us to end our lives in order to draw closer to the Creator.

Spiritual Insight Required

To avoid this distorted understanding, according to Prawitra, we must instill the belief that good religious teachings teach us not to harm or hurt our own lives or the lives of others.

“If it is found in religious teachings, it should be ignored because it can fuel extremism and extremism,” said Pravitra.

Alleged Death of a Family in Kalideres

Meanwhile, regarding the Karidares case, Pravitra said the police had to find out whether the other adherents had family ties to the social network, or whether the family had actually started to form a new cult.

It is strongly suspected that it was the apocalypse to reveal the cause of his death. “Searching for other readings from other religions through new evidence can be a step in trying to find it through readings, but we haven’t found the perfect religion yet,” said Prawitra.

“This urgency may eventually lead them to accept it,” says Praveetra. The latest Caridres case still raises many questions because no evidence of crime, violence, destruction of property or destruction of property has been found.

An expert in police science from Airlangga University concluded that “a thorough investigation is needed to determine the cause of death in the family”.

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