Ja Morant’s Trash Talk on Malik Monk Backfires

The Grizzlies star tried to distract the Kings guard, but the ultimate outcome wasn’t what he expected.

Trash talk has been a part of NBA culture for decades.

Players often use it to distract opponents and gain a competitive advantage. Hall of Famers Larry Bird, Reggie Miller and Gary Payton are a few of the greatest trash talkers in NBA history, and Grizzlies star Ja Morant has some practice ahead of him if he hopes to someday get to that level.

To wit, Morant can’t be pleased with what transpired Tuesday night in Sacramento.

With the Kings leading the Grizzlies 109–108 in the final seconds, Sacramento guard Malik Monk stepped to the line for two free throws. Then Morant approached from behind and chirped, “Don’t miss. Don’t miss. Don’t miss.”

Monk made both shots to give the Kings a three-point lead, but then Sacramento’s De’Aaron Fox unwisely fouled Morant on a three-point attempt.

That sent Morant to the line for three shots and a chance to tie the game. He missed the first and third shots, virtually sealing the win for the Kings.

Fox then tacked on two more free throws to make the final score 113–109 as Sacramento won its seventh consecutive game.

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