James Cameron Has Revealed That Leonardo DiCaprio’s Diva-like Attitude Almost Kept Him Out Of Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio He became a global star thanks to the success of Titanic, a 1997 film directed by James Cameron in which he co-starred with Kate Winslet. But, according to Cameron himself, he almost thanked Leo During an audition for the character of Jack Dawson. And all because of the diva-like poses of the 22-year-old Leonardo.

The above was revealed by the director in an interview with GQ, where he confirmed that Winslet had indeed been cast, But DiCaprio’s test was missing.

He didn’t want to read the script with Winslet

Cameron revealed, who wanted to see What was the chemistry between the two? before deciding on his male lead.

But then he said, ‘Wait, you mean I have to audition by reading?’ Because I don’t read.So I shook his hand and thanked him for coming to the audition.”

“He said, “Wait, wait, wait, wait. You mean if I didn’t read, I wouldn’t get the part? just like this? The director continued. And I said, ‘This is a huge movie that’s going to take two years of my life, so I’m not going to screw it up with a wrong casting decision. So you’ll read, or you won’t get the part“.”

In the end, albeit reluctantly, but DiCaprio He was tested by reading the script with Kate.

He was the perfect leader for Winslet

Leo was…complex, Cameron recalls: “Every ounce of his being was so negative, I even said, ‘Work!’ ” At that point he became Jack“.

“Kate lit up, and they walked right into the scene,” he explained. The dark clouds parted, and this ray of sunshine came down and lit up Jack. I thought to myself, ‘Okay, here’s the guy“.”

In the end, it became Titanic at that time The highest-grossing movie in historyand won 11 Oscars Make Hollywood stars out of two of its strands.


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