Kerline calls Deolade an old woman and the lawyer shoots: “She’s more finished than I am”

The former BBB said that the lawyer was over 40 years old, but in fact she is only 34 years old.

As if the chatter between Kerline and Deolane wasn’t enough, due to Thiago’s alleged withdrawal, this morning (17), the former BBB decided to make comments about the lawyer’s age and appearance.

Annoyed by the comment, Deolane commented on the case with Ingrig Ohara, who tried to calm the lawyer but was not very successful. “Kerline came to say I’m in my 40s. I’m 34, Kerline is 31, and she’s more polished than I am, and I didn’t say. Hey, my love, she wants to call me an old woman and I have to calm down?”.

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