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Even though the hotel chain is considering legal action, an adult woman who filmed a pornographic video at a Travelodge insists she done nothing wrong. Lacey Amour, 23, of South Wales, and 27 other people went to the Travelodge in Newcastle’s Cobalt Business Park on December 12 of last year to film material. When management learned that the gang was using their hotel to record sex acts, they were indignant. The world’s largest hotel chain declared that it wouldn’t think twice about filing a lawsuit if an inquiry revealed a breach of its terms and conditions.

Ms. Amour said that her industry, unlike others, was subject to “injustice” and “discrimination.” The owner of the £10,000 property with a pool and hot tub that the porn star had first reserved urged him to leave.

After becoming delayed in the snow, the group made reservations for four double rooms at a rate of £43 per night, as well as a family room. With 27 other people, Ms. Amour visited the Travelodge in December to record the material.

The production of pornographic content is one of the “oldest” industries, according to Ms. Amour, and its employees “experience injustice and discrimination that no other business has.” According to reports, X-Rated models posed in elevators and hallways while families were away for the weekend.

Ms. Amour asserted that all recordings were made in private and that no filming was done in public. On one image, a single bed was occupied by seven women. We simply want to do our tasks, Ms. Amour told The Sun.

“We have been made aware of an accusation that filming may have taken place in one of our properties without our knowledge and in violation of the terms of our booking conditions,” a Travelodge spokesman said.

Similar to the millions of bookings made through our website, we were unaware that this reservation had been made online.

We are looking into this situation right now, and if we find evidence that someone violated our terms and conditions, we won’t hesitate to cancel any upcoming reservations or pursue legal action. We’re just trying to perform our jobs, said 23-year-old adult actress Lacey Armour (aka Lacey Amour).


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