Roy Keane gives verdict on Glazer announcement over Manchester United’s sale status

Roy Keane has expressed his thoughts on a Manchester United sale following the Glazers’ announcement earlier this week.

The Manchester United legend told ITV: “It’s great news for United fans, who have been wanting the boss to go for the last few years.

“There’s no relationship between them, they’re businessmen, so it’s good news for the fans.”

United released an official statement on Tuesday night saying they were open to “strategic options”, including a sale.

While this is only the first step in a long process, Keane clearly sees the news as cause for celebration.

The lack of communication mentioned by the Irish dates back to the early days of the Glazers’ tenure.

There is no apparent interaction between owners and fans, and the Tampa Bay family is often seen as reclusive and indifferent to club affairs.

Communication channels between the Glazer family and fan groups should have been established after the failed UEFA conspiracy.

While there has been a slight increase in fan engagement, especially with Joel Glazer attending a meeting with the Fan Advisory Council last month, it was too late.

Roy Keane is certainly accurate in referring to the Glazer family as “businessmen”, but with the American investment group likely to take over the club, he may find that new ownership might fit that moniker as well.

No matter who ends up in power, fans are sure to hope that siphoning off United’s money by paying interest and dividends will be a thing of the past.

As a result of such payments, Glazer’s cost of ownership is thought to have passed the £2bn mark.

Perhaps worse is the current owner’s lack of interest in improving the club’s infrastructure.

The stadium, training ground and other facilities have been left behind by United’s closest rivals and it would be best for the new owners to bring these factors up to par.

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