Shristhi Gets Upset With Sameer

Today’s episode of Kundali Bhagya is going to be interesting. It starts with Srishti entering the room where Sameer is getting ready in the morning and asks where he is going, Sameer replies that she can see the files and bag so he is going to the office. When Shrishti takes the bag and says he shouldn’t go because there is a Pooja today, Sameer responds that he has to leave because even Rishab Bhai isn’t going so he must go otherwise it would affect the company.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update

Shrishti remarks that Sameer is the first husband to want to leave while his own wife is pleading with him to stay. When Sameer responds that he wants to leave her because it makes him feel good, she snaps and hands him the bag, saying he can go. Sameer gets sad as he sits behind Shrishti. He tells her that he did not want her to feel bad. He even apologizes to her saying that he did not mean that. Sameer tries to pull Shrishti closer but she walks away. Shrishti leaves and asks him to do whatever he wants to do now.

On another hand, Arjun calls Preeta. The latter is about to leave. He tells her that his tongue slipped as she is the wife of his friend. Preeta reminds him that he forgot the most important word. Arjun advises her not to take life so lightly since she might have gotten injured or even could have lost her life just for this purse. Preeta responds that since she values her handbag the most, she can’t lose it. Preeta asks why she should tell Arjun what is so important when he is getting so personal.

Arjun responds that she is the one who made him curious about it, and she turns to leave when he declares that even he knows how to end her attitude. Arjun offers to drop her off, but she says he mustn’t think they have forgotten everything he did and that she is grateful that he saved her today. Arjun then declares that he wasn’t planning to drop her as he wishes to bring her back to his house that too with Kavya. Later, Dadi calls Arjun and asks if he has gotten the medicine. He tells her that he bought it. Stay connected with Social Telecast to get more updates and the latest and trending news.

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