So Many Americans Want An Adult-Only Flight & This Study Proves It’s In High Demand

If there is anything people look for when they get their randomly assigned airline seat, it’s always if children or babies are in proximity. For obvious reasons, if a toddler gets fussy, the passenger wants a peaceful flight, which prompted researchers to look at how many Americans would actually want an adult-only fare.

To their surprise, it was a whole lot!

An online passport company, PhotoAiD, reached out to over one thousand U.S. residents and asked them about their position on the matter.

Around 80% of passengers said they would be in favor. In fact, 83% of parents said they would be interested in this type of airfare.

PhotoAiD infographic.PhotoAiD infographic.PhotoAiD

According to the study, 64% of people would pay extra for these tickets, too.

However, with an adults-only airline, there would be way more empty seats on current U.S. flights, which would add more air traffic. So, it’s not totally an environmentally friendly option, but when the researchers asked their case study members if they’d still do it…they would.

In the data collected, participants were also asked, hypothetically speaking, if they would rather be seated next to ” a rude, hygienically challenged, loudly talking, or otherwise annoying adult,” or “a crying, wailing, or otherwise ‘misbehaving’ child.”

Surprisingly, the children win this one. 60% of passengers said they’d take the kid over the adult in this case.

As for those who were against these flights, their reasoning was either that they never considered it an issue, it didn’t justify the extra cost, it’s discriminatory, or they were environmentally friendly.

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