Star Wars Fans React to Andor Finale

This Star Wars: Andor article contains spoilers.

Twelve episodes later, Cassian is at a crossroads on Andor. After murdering two Pre-Mor officers and fleeing capture on Ferrix, things haven’t gotten any easier for our protagonist. Although he hoped to enjoy an extended vacation on the party planet of Niamos after pulling off the heist on Aldhani, he soon witnesses firsthand the terrible atrocities being committed by the Empire under the galaxy’s very nose in the prison on Narkina 5. It’s no surprise that in the season finale, Cassian decides that simply running and surviving is no longer enough. It’s time to take the fight to the Empire.

Star Wars fans waited 10 long weeks for that final scene between Rebel leader Luthen Rael and Cassian, who finally accepted his destiny as the freedom fighter we already know he’ll become. We’re four in-universe years away from Cassian’s ultimate sacrifice at the end of Rogue One, but we can finally see the way there. With Cassian asking Luthen to bring him into the fold, the fledgling Rebellion has just gained one of its best spies.

But Cassian’s choice was just the cherry on top of a jam-packed episode of Andor. As the end of “Daughter of Ferrix” teased, all the major factions converged on Cassian’s home world for one final showdown. Dedra Meero and the Empire are torturing Bix and others on Ferrix in the hopes of finally discovering the true identity of the mysterious “Axis” (aka Luthen). Meanwhile, the Rebels are also staking out the planet for any sign of Cassian, who they plan to eliminate before the ISB can catch and torture him into revealing Luthen’s role in the Aldhani attack. As both parties expect, Cassian does return to Ferrix to say one final goodbye to his adoptive mother Maarva, who passed away off-screen in last week’s episode. Inevitable chaos soon ensues.

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