‘stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Wants People To Stop Using Nutella

Noah Schnapp, star of Stranger Things isn’t happy with Nutella and the reason will surprise you all. Noah, who is winning the hearts of all with his character of Will Byers in Stranger Things on Netflix. He recently came up with his views on the famous product Nutella. Noah has tried to draw everyone’s attention. But why is that so?

Read ahead to know more about Noah Schnapp isn’t in favour of Nutella and the reason is here.

Noah Schnapp shocked with Nutella

Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things is already winning the hearts of all with his role as Will Byers in the Netflix series. While now he has come up with his views on the popular food item Nutella. Though many of you may be in love with Nutella. Noah has tried to make all aware of the product a little more in detail.

As recently, via an email to Page Six Noah wrote about Nutella. He said he was “shocked and brutally bummed out” after coming across the ingredients of Nutella. The product actually doesn’t have many hazelnuts but has sugar in excess. While the use of Palm oil in it was shocking for him too.

Noah Schnapp
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Why is Noah Schnapp isn’t in support of Nutella?

Noah Schnapp recently mentioned that the ingredients of Nutella have shocked him. He even cited reason saying that the use of Palm oil in Nutella is actually a reason for massive deforestation. Which he definitely doesn’t support.

Another shocking ingredient of Nutella was sugar. That was already mentioned on the ingredients label of Nutella. According to this every two tablespoons of Nutella has 21 grams of sugar. In fact, registered dietician Caroline Passerrello said “By weight, Nutella is 55% sugar”.

More from Noah Schnapp on Nutella

Sharing about how the ingredients of Nutella are harming the environment and people. He insisted on giving up Nutella by launching a crowdfunding campaign for, To Be Honest. Via which he wants all to donate as much as $50 through Republic. That’s a fintech company co-founded by Noah.

Moreover, on the business front, Noah is also looking forward to coming up with a venture capital fund next year. Meanwhile, he is extremely happy with his character of Will on Stranger Things that viewers are able to relate to.

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