Teacher dances beautifully in a black saree, but the students watching from a distance were reserved.

These videos, which are taken from a program, are common on social media. These types of dance performances for educational programs are featured in a lot of social media videos. These videos can depict other events, such as children saying goodbye, at other times.

A teacher is seen in one such video performing an amazing dance on Teachers’ Day, which is currently going viral. Wearing a black saree, the teacher is looking stunning. His dance has also gained a lot of popularity recently in addition to this.

However, many students later feel so ashamed that they are unable to dance at all. The teacher dances with a student rather than dancing by herself. The song O Saki Saki… is playing in the background as the teacher, who is dressed in a black saree, is seen talking to the student.

He can be seen dancing sensually, but the student watching him from a distance seems extremely shy. However, the teacher does not at all act in this manner; instead, she appears absorbed in her music while dancing incredibly well.

Although a lot of people have watched this video on YouTube thanks to the Mishra Ji Blog account, each person’s response to it is unique. It is understandable for teachers and students to dance together after hearing so many similar comments.

The teacher dances beautifully in a black saree Complete Video Viral on Social Media

However, the song’s style, on which she is dancing in this manner, is inappropriate. The teaching method of this particular teacher is unpopular. Considering that it is his own wish, it cannot be entirely deemed incorrect. Please leave a comment below to let us know what you thought of the video.

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