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TikTok Old Version – TikTok is now the most popular social network for short and casual videos. Here users can access millions and millions of creative content sourced from users from around the world.

Trending home of the most popular video creation and sure to delight you with a community of creative users. And now you can easily join the network with the full featured mobile version.

Try to make videos in the app so that you can join the online world more fun. Always take advantage of frequently updated templates and creative video creation tools.

Learn about new trends when exploring a type of app and discover the latest features that make it even better. You can explore together countless creative videos from your friends and other online influencers.

When inspired to create your own creative content. Have fun with new videos from your favorite TikTok users every day and never get bored with this social media.

So, below, Immaku.com will explain about the Old Version of TikTok (No Watermark, Unlimited Coins) Free Download, for a full review as follows!!

What is the Old Version of TikTok?


TikTok Old Version is a type of third-party modified Tiktok that adds various types of features not found in the official Tik Tok until now.

You can find thousands of interesting short videos on tik tok 18 plus. As the name suggests, TikTok 18 is geared towards adults as it contains lots of sensitive short videos.

This version of TikTok is on the rise and many smartphone users are tempted to download and install it on their phones because they like it.

Applications for adults are considered quite entertaining. Since this app is made by a third party, it is not available on Google Playstore.

You can download it from various download links that are spread on the internet. You can download it for free and take advantage of various features designed to have fun on Tik Tok 18+.

Additional Features in the Old Version of TikTok


No doubt, original TikTok software has great features. With additional features, it’s sure to be fun. In this application memag has introduced many unique features that you will not find in the original TikTok application. Here are some features:

1. No Root

These third-party apps, especially those with adult titles, usually require you, as the user, to root your phone if you want to install them on your Android.

Not everyone can do this and not all rooting processes can run smoothly. Failing to root the cellphone will result in the cellphone being damaged and unable to be used. But this tik tok 18 mod apk does not require root on your mobile.

You just need to install it manually and then you can use it with all the features available. It’s easy and doesn’t harm the phone.

2. No Watermark


One of the most talked about complaints about TikTok is the watermark on every video. While this is a branding strategy for TikTok and doesn’t distract from any of your videos, many people find it distracting.

3. Discover Video World Easily

At the same time, Android users can find interesting content from many genres on TikTok with a good collection of videos for you to enjoy.

Explore casual categories eg Food, Games, Sports, Pets, Memes and other categories eg ASMR and more. All of them will keep you entertained with curated content.

4. Adjust Video Preferences


The MOD APK has the same interface as the original TikTok software. This allows you to adjust the video settings to your liking.

When you enter the app, you will first be asked to select your preferred video genre. Depending on your preferences, the software will ask you to update your videos regularly.

5. No Ads Inside

Unlike the original TikTok software which is loaded with lots of ads, the MOD software offers an ad-free experience. Therefore, you can watch your favorite content without interruption.

6. Easy Pause and Resume Options

For example, if you are interested in a video and want to recreate it with your own version, you can immediately record your footage using the camera options available in the TikTok application.

Work with multiple features to easily capture the highest quality footage. Enjoy work with easy pause and resume options until you present your content without interruption. Record as many videos as you need.

7. TikTok Anti Banned

If you have been following the news for the last few months, you know that TikTok has been banned in most countries.

Now, each region may have its own legal issues, but either way, if it’s banned in your country, you won’t be able to use the software.


But if you want to get access to your account and use it like before, MOD APK will help you.

By using the MOD version, you can remove all kinds of restrictions and continue to use the software in a normal way.

8. Can Live Streaming

By downloading the latest TikTok MOD APK software, you can also host live streams and chat with fans right on the app.

Apart from that, you can use multiple filters during the live stream. The developers update the crazy filters regularly, which makes it even more fun.

9. Find Your Creativity

The main concept in this application is that every user can upload creative content to this application. Many platforms are available on Android, for example in the Instagram and Facebook applications.

But no other platform offers this type of short content as well as TikTok. The platform allows users to edit and create videos up to 15 seconds long.

In addition, you can make videos up to 60 seconds long. Record the current moment by long pressing the red button. When you click the red button, it’s time to start recording.

If you want to record a video up to a certain time, you need to long press the red button. After long pressing the red button, video recording stops.

In the existence of an old version of this type of TikTok video recording mode, users can also see the effects tool on the screen. The application contains many facial and voice recognition tools.

This will change the default face to an artificial face in photo mode. This facial recognition tool works well because it’s easy to add character effects.

Old Version of TikTok Download Link

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TikTok is a platform that contains short videos. TikTok was launched by ByteDance. Initially this application was founded in China in 2016 and began to spread throughout the country in 2018.

This application has a type of modified version, which is a version where you can get a lot of benefits. Mods or modifications will open many features that were previously in the regular tiktok application that you cannot open.

For those of you who want to create content and make money. With this type of application it is suitable for you. You can make money simply and easily.

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