Vini is at risk of being expelled from ‘A Fazenda’

Vini pushed the participant Thomaz Costa while the actor tried to break up a fight between the influencer and the model Alex.

And this edition of ‘The Farm’ is on fire! Due to a push that knocked actor Thomaz Costa into bed, Vini can be expelled from reality. When trying to avoid a fight between Vini and Alex, Larissa Manoela’s ex-boyfriend ended up being pushed by his confinement companion.

The fight started after, in a conversation with Kerline, Vini called Alex poisonous and insinuated that the boy had given rope to the disagreement between the ex-BBB and Dr Deolane.

Annoyed by Vini’s statements, Alex with changed moods responded to the influencer and so the fight began. “I screwed the fuck up! You are crazy! And now you’re calling me poisonous. Respect me! Don’t call me poisonous! Use the right words.”

At this moment, the ex-From Vacation with Ex, had a clothes hanger in his hand and gesturing in the fight made the object pass very close to the face of the model who threatened: “Pass this again close to my face. I will break you”.

Believing that the two were going to attack each other, Thomaz tried to intervene in the fight, but was pushed by Vini.

The broadcaster is analyzing the images and the decision on the expulsion will be announced live with presenter Adriane Galisteu.

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