Viral TikTok showcasing dad’s numerous attempts to get Taylor Swift tickets

A TikToker dad is currently going very much viral on the TikTok who is desperately seen to get Taylor Swift’s new tour tickets for his daughter which is a very amusing thing for people over the internet to witness. Let us explore this article to know more.

TikToker goes Viral showing dad’s attempts to get Taylor Swift concert tickets

TikTok has been and will always be famous for its viral content from humorous elements to dramatic ones, users on the app never go last to entertain or inform their audience.

And with this, recently a TikTok went viral after sharing her dad’s hilarious and desperate attempts to get a hold of Taylor Swift’s new tour tickets.

With Taylor Swift’s new tour launch, fans are getting very excited to blast their entries on the much-awaited tour, when the presale for Taylor Swift’s latest tour ‘Eras’ launched, millions of fans were on the Ticketmaster and was thus ready to purchase the tickets.

However, minutes after the website crashed due to which the site went down crushing millions of fans’ hopes to book their tickets for the concert.

Therefore one frustrated dad decided to take matters into his hands as he directly messaged the pop singer taking his daughters concern for the tickets to the pop singer.

In a viral TikTok, she captioned her video with the title  “No one panic my dad got us all hooked up with tickets,” she sarcastically wrote over the video. However, in the video, the father himself typed

 “Hi, do you have any tickets for my daughter she is acting like a spoiled b*tch and keeps asking me for my Amex

“Please help out a poor man from NJ. God Bless You TT,”

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How are users reacting to the viral TikTok?

However, watching this made users filled with funny and humorous laughs, with one commenting “So all of our dads are the equal amount of blind at this stage good to know.”

Apart from that another user also stated “Me when my mom asked why I didn’t just tell Billie Eilish to send me tickets for the concert or send me merch cause were poor,”

Moreover, some users staged Taylor Swift’s official account thereby asking her to help the TikTokers dad’s problem with the tickets.

Is Taylor Swift going on a tour in 2023?

Many fans became very excited after the pop singer announced her grand concert ‘The Eras Tour’ which is all set to commence on March 17, 2023.

The tour will thus be going in Glendale, Arizona and thus will end on August 9, 2023, in Inglewood, California.

The singer even described the tour’s concept as “journey through all of my musical eras”.

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