Watch: Chrisean Rock Fight With 2 Women While Pregnant Caught on Camera

As Chrisean Rock reportedly tried to get to her alleged soon-to-be baby daddy shortly after announcing she was pregnant, she got into a physical altercation with him. According to TMZ, a video was taken near Blueface’s home early Saturday morning in Chatsworth, California. The fight you see here on camera followed what eyewitnesses claim was Chrisean’s bum rush on Blue… stopping by his house. He threw a birthday party (Friday) at his crib to celebrate his 26th birthday… but Chrisean crashed it and tried to eject him. There was a massive brawl on the street down the block from Blueface’s apartment when he attempted to escape in his own car — with a bunch of people following him, including Chrisean.

You see Chrisean getting Blueface to herself on one side of a car (presumably hers) while wearing the same pink tracksuit from earlier in the day. According to TMZ, she was trying to get him to leave with her inside. As a result, she threw hands with two women on the scene. In the end, Chrisean and Blueface left in different vehicles, according to eyewitnesses. It is unclear whether they met up after that, or whether they separated. In spite of this, Chrisean’s fight is disturbing since she is pregnant and shouldn’t be fighting during pregnancy. Moreover, Blueface has said that he is “officially done” with Chrisean and denies being the father. She and her baby cannot benefit from stress.

In An Attempt To Get Blueface Inside A Car, Chrisean Rock Fights With Women

Following the announcement of her pregnancy over the weekend on social media, Chrisean Rock reportedly fought with several women. TMZ posted a video on Sunday (Jan. 22) showing Chrisean Rock physically altercating with multiple women in an attempt to get Blueface into a car with him. Eyewitnesses film the fight in the clip, which reportedly occurred near Blue’s home. As reported by the media outlet, Chrisean dropped in unannounced at the rapper’s home on Friday (Jan. 20) while he was having his 26th birthday party. It appears that a brawl broke out between Chrisean and two other women at the scene when she was attempting to get Blue into her car for him to leave with her. A similar pink sweatsuit that Chrisean wore on social media to announce her pregnancy appears in the video.

During one of the fights, Chrisean fights an unclothed woman on the ground. Despite another person’s attempts to separate Chrisean and the woman, the woman holds on to Chrisean’s hair. The shocking thing is that Blueface and another man are watching the scene without intervening. After the skirmish, both parties went their separate ways, according to eyewitnesses. Whether they met somewhere else is unclear. In spite of this, the video is disturbing because Chrisean is pregnant and shouldn’t be fighting while she’s growing a baby. Furthermore, Blueface has declared that he is no longer in a relationship with Chrisean and that he is not the father of the child. She can’t be healthy or have a healthy baby under stress. It is possible that the couple celebrated Blue’s birthday together. In an Instagram post posted on Sunday (Jan. 22), Chrisean displayed cartoon drawings of herself and Blueface together on a birthday cake. A birthday greeting is written on the cake, “Happy Birthday, Daddy Bluuu!”

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