Who Is Shirley Moreno? Meet Brandon Moreno Wife And Children

The most notable thing about Shirley Moreno is that she is the wife of famous UFC fighter Brandon Moreno. Let’s spend some more time getting to know her.

Brandon, Shirley’s husband, is the reigning UFC Flyweight Champion, and he has one of the most interesting backstories of any athlete in the sport.

The Mexican fighter was victorious despite all the difficulties, as evidenced by the fact that he was released from his UFC contract in 2018 after back-to-back losses. He then made a comeback, defeating Deiveson Figueiredo to win the flyweight championship at UFC263.

After going through whatever there is to do, The Assassin Baby strives to establish himself as a champion in the UFC. Brandon Moreno, who holds the record for being the youngest fighter to win the UFC Championship, is widely regarded as one of the most successful mixed martial arts (MMA) competitors Mexico has ever produced.

Although there is a lot of information about his mixed martial arts career and how he became a champion, there is not much information about his private life.

Who is Shirley Moreno? Brandon Moreno wife

Shirley Moreno is perhaps best known for her role as Brandon Moreno’s wife; The couple have been together for more than a decade.

Both Shirley and The Assassin Baby hail from Mexico, and throughout The Assassin Baby’s career, Shirley has been by his side in every fight he has.

The year 2011 marked the first time Shirley and Brandon crossed paths; Brandon was still a student at his alma mater at the time. Since that time, the couple has had an extraordinary bond, as evidenced by the fact that they have been together for ten years.

Shirley Moreno is perhaps best known for being married to Brandon Moreno, who she has been married to for almost ten years. They’re of Mexican descent, and Shirley has been alongside The Assassin Baby in every fight he’s had throughout his career.

They first met in 2011 when Brandon was still in high school. After that, the husband and wife have been together as a married couple for more than ten years.

Shirley Moreno Alter and Wiki

It seems that Shirley Moreno is between 30 and 35 years old. However, neither her exact date of birth nor her age can be determined at this time.

Born in Texas and growing up on the border between that state and Tamaulipas, she is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

There aren’t many places to look for absolutely essential information about Shirey. No information is known about what Shirley does alone, such as her profession or the things she has achieved in the past.

Additionally, Shirley could be found on Instagram, where she posted under the alias “shirely.jmoreno” in the app’s search bar. On the other hand, she seems to have either deleted or deactivated her account. She does not currently interact with users on social media platforms.

Shirley Moreno is a mother of three children

Shirley was blessed with three beautiful girls, all of whom she shares as children with husband Brandon Moreno. The year 2014 marked the birth of their eldest child, Maddie, who is a well-known gymnast herself. Maddie has been participating in gymnastics competitions since 2019.

Meanwhile, Moreno and Shirley welcomed their second child, a daughter named Megan, in 2018. Megan had some health issues early in her life, but she eventually made a full recovery and is now routinely represented in her father’s posts across his various social media platforms.

The flyweight champion took to his social media profile to share the happy news that the couple’s third child, Morgan, was born on September 29, 2021. Morgan is the couple’s third child. Morgan is reportedly included in a series of posts Brandon Moreno has made on social media, as explained by her older sisters, Maddie and Megan.

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