Who Is Suspect In A Mass Shooting In Monterey Park, California, At Least 11 Dead?

In Monterey Park, California, in a dance studio where people were celebrating the New Year, a gunman shot and killed people in the open. After the shooting, the suspect ran away, and many people were killed or hurt. Many people were shocked by this piece of news. At this weekend’s shooting, many of the people who were killed were Asian people who were all there to celebrate the lunar New Year.

In the end, the suspect was caught, and the van he was driving was also found. Let’s talk in depth about the case and the people who were hurt. Stay tuned until the end, because we also talked about the suspect and the people who were shot. When the shooting happened, the police said that a gunman wearing a hoodie went into the dance studio and opened fire, killing ten people and hurting many more.

While it is now known that eleven people died and nine others were hurt. The area where the shooting happened was sealed off by police, and the shooter was being looked for. On the other hand, police said that a van was at the scene of the shooting when the shooter left. They chased the van and found it miles away in Torrance. The shooter, a 72-year-old man named Huu Can Tran who was found in the van, killed eleven people and then drove away from the scene of the shooting in a white van.

Police found him dead in the van in Torrance. He had shot himself in the head with the gun he was carrying. On the other hand, the police also found a gun in his car. Police said that they didn’t know why this shooting happened because the shooter was dead and the investigation was still going on. Police hadn’t said the names of the victims yet, but now that their investigations are over, it is said that the names of the victims have been revealed.

In terms of who the people who died were, here is a list of the people who have died and been identified by the police so far. Diana Tom is a grandma that her grandchildren will always remember. Diana was 70 years old when she died on January 22 at Monterey Park. When she was taken to the hospital, her condition was very bad. While the police said their names, two more names were called. Xiu Juan Yu, who was 57 years old, and Valentino Alvero, who was 68 years old, were two of the 11 people who died. The police have yet to give out more names.

According to the news, all of the victims in this case were over 50 and senior citizens. When it comes to the suspect, the police had already named him, but now they say that he has a criminal record and was arrested in 1990 for illegally having a gun. He was thought to make guns and sound suppressors at his house. He also had containers full of hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his house. Janice Hahn, the head of the LA County Board of Supervisors, said that this was the worst mass shooting and that the whole county of Los Angeles is saddened by the deaths of the victims.

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