Who owns the Houston Texans?

An American football franchise business in Houston, Texas, called the Houston Texans was developed in 1999. The Texans are a labor force within the American Football Conference South department that carries out withinthe National Football League NRG Stadium acts as their home location.

The Houston Oilers, an NFL labor force that completed within the city from 1960 to 1996 earlier than moving to Nashville and also lastly modifying their determine to the Tennessee Titans, had actually been altered by the all new labor force.

The Texans are the NFL&& rsquor; s most current franchise business, having actually only gotten in the organization as an enhancement labor force in 2002.

The Texans, who’ve only been participating in within the NFL given that 2002, are the organization&& rsquor; s most current augmentation franchise business. Because of this, they place&& rsquor; t had enough time to establish the kind of fabled competitions that consistently exist in between added well-known golf devices.

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The labor force has nonetheless designed certain opponents. The Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and also Indianapolis Colts are a few of its AFC South neighbors and also pure opponents.

Who owns the Houston Texans?

Janice McNair is the owner ofthe Houston Texans Following the passing away of her other half Bob McNair in 2018, she occupied.

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